Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sometimes you've got to get off the train...

I bet there's alot of you that'll agree that being sick, sucks!
I haven't had a cold/flu in probably the last 2ish years, but wow, it hit me just under a week ago and it's hit me HARD.
Sunday was when it really did take me off my feet after I tried to deny it vehemently.

So if things have been a bit quiet, or spacey, I apologise.
I'm not seeing light at the end of the tunnel as yet, but hopefully today's doc appointment will sort that out.

I'm still fine enough to have the Etsy, Storenvy and MyStall stores going, there'll just be an extra day or two added on the posting time as I'll be double checking everything before sending it out. (fuzzy brains from the sickies can be horrid)

Our laser gun necklace and a UV green Octo necklace were shipped off to new homes these last 2 weeks and sales at our last Wyetti market were good.
Seems that things are picking up, and we couldn't be more thankful and blessed.

Vintage / antique trinkets

Though we haven't quite done alot of it on our online stores, if you've passed our stalls at markets, you would have spied the odd vintage and antique trinkets we source on hunts to unknown little nooks.
We sold out of these really cool Mills Special cigarette tins (last produced around the 1950's), they were an absolute hit at this weekend's market.
We'll continue adding oddities to our stalls and maybe one day you'll get to snatch them on one of our online stores. ;)

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