Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The cure[d]... Kind of

What a mad August!
I spent the first week of it home and bed bound with bronchitis... And two days last week again.
It's awful what gaps like that can do to your bearings.
To say my day job has been confusing inbetween is an understatement >.<

But I'm here!

To ALL the new "likers" on Facebook and "followers" on our Twitter ~ HI ! ~

The orders have started coming in quite fast and inbetween we're making stock for month end markets Wyetti, and Geekfest... Both happening 31 August.
If you stop by Wyetti, Heatherlynn from The Journeyman, will be manning the Wonder Struck Inc stall and doing the sales there.
While Wonder Struck Inc is at Geekfest.
We hope you go out and support all your nearby markets on the day. ;)

Hmmmm, what's "new" at HQ...
We're stocking cross stitch necklaces, and bottle necklaces now ~ we hope you love the new range :)
Also the Octopus and ribbon necklaces will be having a few "updated" additions to the collection, which makes such a huge difference to the look of these necklaces.

There's always lots of things happening inbetween, but keep looking in so you can catch a glimpse.

We'll also be having a flash sale between now and 25 August to celebrate my dad's birthday. I haven't worked out the discount yet but it will be rather mad. Peek in on Etsy and our Instagram for the code.

With that... Keep healthy. Keep happy. Keep safe. Keep positive.

~ CJ ~

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