Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sometimes...we can only move forward

Well, yesterday I felt really productive and the positivity I saturated myself in has seemingly seeped through to today.

How great is that feeling?

First of all... I have been itching, planning, enquiring about getting a whole stack of new molds in. But with this step comes a huge cost... Unfortunately.
So we'll need help on this step and have created a crowd funding campaign on Startme for this.
Please go join the site / spread the word for support of our campaign.
Our goal is to get AT LEAST 30 new molds in (in multiples) so that we can give you guys more to choose from.
But getting in as many as possible at once will be rather more practical that doing this in pieces and stretching over months and months.
So guys, readers, likers... Help us reach our target in the next 29 days! Please.

Then. To support this aswell. I'm planning flash sales. A chance to get non-online listed stock for VERY low prices. This will be going to our "mold fund" as well. Yay!

But instead of doing a whole wack of stuff over one 24 hour stretch. I'm doing 5 hour stretches of limited stock.
This will be the LAST sale for 2013.
Get your Christmas pressies early while we're at it ;)

Keep your eyes on the Facebook to claim.
When you spot what you want. Comment with the number of the picture and YOUR email. First comment on that item will get an email with payment details.
Proof must be received by the end of the day or the item goes back into stock.
I'll be doing something similar on Instagram for the PayPal peeps.

Have fun with it and for today....have an awesome one!


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