Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Chills...

It's a sunny, clear skied day in Pretoria... and it's FREEZING. As much as Winter gives me the cuddlies over  being able to wear scarves (as many as I want at once!) and gloves and arm warmers and other warm things... there's the disadvantage of having the chills when you're wearing just *slightly* too little.

So with very cold fingers, and toes, here is the stores update for today...

I'm having the greatest time with the new apps on my little HTC, as I make these very rad, fun pics to paste up for updates. You'll find them all over our Instagram with little peeks into the creation of stock and every other little part of life :)

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We do try to update as often as possible on all our social sites, so you'll never feel left out, no matter which of our accounts you join us on.


We're in at GEEKFEST 2013! ~ We confirmed our booking and stall a few days ago and wow, the excitement!
We'll be in stall 52, next to the very awesome Blak Bunni peeps.
We're also giving in TWO prizes to the organisers, one for the raffle and one for the "spot prize".... and what are these two little pieces of awesome? .... our very own handcast resin octopus necklaces!
The colours of the the prizes haven't been decided yet, but I'll be sure to pick out the best just for you guys.

So, if you haven't booked a day out yet for 31 August, be sure to join us at Geekfest 2013 :)

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