Sunday, June 2, 2013

Vanilla rooibos tea, incense ... and peace

There's even more newness in the store!
I am a terrible hoarder when it comes to "craft" stuff, and as I've been sorting through the workroom, I've found things that we moved to this house with! Beads that I've been sitting with for more than half a year, all with the intended purposes of being used... and then just getting packed away. 
So, I've started hauling it all out! And you get to see the ideas come to life!

I was at a loss for a long time on how I was going to use all these really awesome dyed howlite, flat skulls... but I wanted them anyway because I'm a skull fanatic.
And during a late night sorting session in the workroom last week, it came to me!
So in store, we have new skull/shamballa bracelets in different colours for you to spoil yourself with. 
I've been a bit slow adding them onto the Etsy, but today is a heavy photo session so you should see quite a bit of it soon.

I'm also starting dipping into my ridiculous collection of glitters. I may just be addicted to the sparkle.

With the glitter madness we're making a range of dome rings (large and medium) called the GLITTER BOMB range. 
They're coming out so brilliantly!
These will be limited in colours, but keep an eye on our twitter, as they'll be listed on there as they're available.

Now... to the photo booth for pics!

Have a fabulous Sunday and spread some hugs and kisses!

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