Friday, July 12, 2013

Early Spring...

Well hello beings!

Have you noticed anything? *swirl*

Yup, thank you to the very cool, very rad miss She Grim for our very awesome new banner. She's also done our business cards, which will be printed in the coming weeks ♥
We've put the new banner up on our Wonder Struck Inc Etsy and MyStall stores. Go peek.
We'll be updating our Storenvy in the next coming week or so, so keep an eye there too if you prefer to buy from there.

Besides our banner though... we have some other very cool things to talk about in today's post.
First, if you have NOT noticed that we now have a supply store open, head over to The Supply Dealer to spy on what you can get for your crafting projects.

We've added two very cool listings on The Supply Dealer so that you can save LOADS on supply costs and on shipping ♥ two bargains in one listing ♥

♥ it's all because you guys are so awesome !
But please note we are going to LIMIT these grabbags to 5 "listings" of each.

Have you been taking advantage of all our discount codes on our stores? you haven't? why not?

Wonder Struck Inc has TWO really great option discount codes going until the 31st of July:

♥ JULYXMAS - For 25% off anything in our store
♥ SHIPME - For your purchase of $35 or more, and you'll get free shipping. (this code does not apply to the White Lion Oracle cards)

The Supply Dealer is having 10% off until the 31st of July with code: WELCOME

Go take advantage now. These codes DO apply to custom requests placed before the 31st of July (even if I ship them after the 31st) ;) isn't that great?

And with that very awesome batch of news... back to the grindstone.


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