Friday, June 21, 2013

Melting pot...

I have to mention, that though I haven't got anything for anyone to peek just yet, She GRim has sent me the initial set of new business cards and banners.... *squee*
I am so so excited for these small little changes!

Once she has given me the thumbs up (as with any business, money first), I'll be loading the banners onto the sites and onto here.
And this isn't even with the new packaging stuffs! Oh that is the next project and you are going to LOVE it.

We've also been taking factors into consideration, and have decided to open a supply store on Etsy.
We still need to put up a banner and photograph the first wave of stock, but you'll be getting the best prices possible for oddities that we find in our supply shopping sprees.
All too often I gather things that I will never use, but were ultimately too cool to pass up the buying of, so you'll be getting full access to all of it.
No lies.

Everything you'll find on The Supply Dealer is stuff that we would love to use or do use on Wonder Struck Inc.

Any supply listings on Wonder Struck Inc will be moved over to the new shop in easy to buy (and use) listings.

charms, chain and beads will be available for your projects.

We hope you'll find just what you need to satisfy your crafting fix ;)

Then... upcoming markets.
I've been delaying booking for Geekfest on 31 August, but really feel it'll be great for Wonder Struck Inc to get out there with a stall. If there's still space, watch our upcoming market details!

We will, otherwise, still be at Wyetti on the last Saturday of this month.
Hope to see nearby readers there.

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