Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The dreaded I word...

Working in an industry (day job) where the words "price increase" strikes loathing into every customer.... I never thought Wonder Struck Inc, at its size right now, would have to even consider this a problem.

Unfortunately, after walking in to buy resin at my supplier and being slapped with just over 10% increase on my resin, silicone and catalysts.... I am going to have to use the dreaded phrase "price increase".

But don't fear. Current stock items, orders already placed and anything ordered, requested up until 14 September, will not see the increase.
This will only be on my resin items, as I'm still able to cover for my increases on all my other components.
There's also no postal/shipping increase.
Just on resin, as from 15 September.
I do wish I could wait till October for this, but it just cannot be helped :(

And on a brighter note...
Spring seems to have officially arrived in Gauteng!
I'll be posting a market calender for the rest of the year as soon as I've confirmed all my bookings.

Also...there's something in the works that I'm tightly holding thumbs for. More will be revealed if/when it starts happening.

Please remember that we also have a "money raising campaign" on Starme to raise dosh to buy loads of new molds. Spread the word and support please!

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