Monday, August 26, 2013

The current view...

Well first of all, Happy Monday readers!
As much as we all dread the M word, we can still go out there and try our hardest to make today awesome.

What we're doing this week,

Friday, 30 August from 6-10pm ~ The Shed Night Market @ Greens Greens just off the R59

Saturday, 31 August from 9am - 11pm ~ Geek Fest @ Goldfields Kennel Club.

Saturday, 31 August from 9am - 3pm ~ Wyetti Craft Market, Wargrave rd Henley-on-Klip. (Heatherlynn of The Journeyman, will be manning our stall for the day)

I do believe I'll be sufficiently stocked for all 3 occassions... Though I am feeling a little rough around the edges over it all. And over all of THAT is a veil of excitement, mostly for Geek Fest.
If you're there, also come say hi, not only to myself but to our banner/business card designer, model and friendy, Maruchka. She'll be our table assistant for the day :)

Please note:

I'll be shutting the Etsy down for Friday and Saturday. Stock will be updated on Sunday and the store then taken out of vacation mode again for further operation.

We are hoping for REALLY good sales, feedback and visits this weekend. Can you see how excited we are?


I've been asking, hinting, deciding on doing "feature" posts of other stores/Etsy/Mystall peeps.
I want to do one post a month (preferably by the last Saturday of each month submission for Sunday posting)
You'll need to attach pics that I'm allowed using and any links to your site/store and if you want your email contact details.

I did a post last year for Wonder Struck Inc on another blog. I will be featuring this awesome artist first over the next few weeks, to get the ball rolling.

Please submit your info to:

I'll, with pleasure send you stats on my blogs readership etc so you can see if it would be of any benefit to you.
But this will all be free, I do not charge for the feature and I do not charge for "ad banners" you submit either (these will be posted on the right hand bar of the blog)

I do however request certain "genres/scenes" as we are getting more specific.

Photographers, alternative models, bands, "merch/craft" ladies, graphic designers, tattoo artists, piercers, alternative event organisers.

I will not be editing your submissions, other than proofreading and putting in your links.

Hope to hear from you all soon ;)

~ CJ ~

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