Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Machine...

It's 11 August 2013. 2am.
As I look sleeplessly over Wonder Struck Inc's order book, I cannot help but smile at what this began as in 2009.

Admittedly I cringe at what I started with, and without. But I smile at how things have developed and continue to...
It's a constant learning process. Marketing, promotion, presentation, making, producing...forget any experience I had (but thank goodness for the admin and bookkeeping experience though)...
This. Has been a whole new ride.

I no longer nervously make things I hope "all and sundry" will buy... But rather I confidently make things that I would wear/use. And I'm not afraid to aim for a specific market.

I embrace the early Saturday mornings to markets, and the week's of stock taking and tagging.

Those "likes" on our Facebook and "followers" on our Twitter and the readers of this blog....all make THIS worth it. Thank you.

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