Friday, October 25, 2013

Oh the excite! ...

Alrighty. So with the email sent out to their mailing list during this week, I can now mention something very cool.

Ke Ai (That random asian store), listed Wonder Struck Inc as one of their new suppliers/vendors.
Again, Wonder Struck Inc is just ONE of the new and very cool vendors joining in supplying the cool of Ke Ai in their new store at 300 Commissioner street, Maboneng District in Johannesburg.

We've dropped off some pieces for show (and buy) during their opening sale, with more cool stock being made and cast and cured over the next week.
We're going to supply the "arts on main" store with resin Octopus necklaces, Skull rings and pins and soon....some more of the newer resin pieces.
We'll also look at a really cool idea that we've been considering.

I want to tell you! But I can't yet >.<

Then before I forget, Ke Ai will be having some awesome opening parties and on these links and go! least I could tell you guys now. Shah!

Have a great Friday!

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