Monday, December 31, 2012

Plans sometimes change...

Ah well, I've had to postpone my visit to Lydenburg, and have in the meantime, brought the Etsy store out of vacation mode... AND implemented the 20% discount !

The discount will be effective throughout January 2013 (because it's my birthday month and the first month of the new year), because it's great to start on a positive note, right? ;)

I've also been loading a whole bunch of new items onto the Etsy store, so go check out what we have been making!

Our first market for 2013 will be at our usual spot (stall 64), at Wyetti Craft Market, on Saturday the 26th January. Our theme will be VALENTINES! so we'll be dressing the stall up to celebrate the upcoming commercialisation of the day ;)
There's a part of me that wants there to be LOADS of stock to choose from for the market goers, but if you're on Etsy, I wouldn't mind you emptying my stock box ;)

I won't be carrying the discount through to the markets, as usual, but there's sometimes spot discounts where I wack off 50% for those visiting my stall at certain markets at certain times of the year.

Then... house news:
The workroom is starting to take shape now after having some very sweet ladies (Rhoda, our crochet supplier and her sister) help me unpack half of the boxes that filled the living room yesterday.
There's still more to go, but the space is feeling alot more liveable now. Shew.
The 3 boys (puppymonsters, Astraeus, Apollo and Wagner) are making the yard their own. They've completely destroyed the 4 small existing flower beds, so major repair work coming in the next few weeks to revive some plant life in my small garden.
All the curtain are up and with so many boxes gone, visitors can now sit down!
Once the work room/Wonder Struck HQ is a bit more unpacked, I'll take photos for you guys to see where I will be making all the stock and storing the sourced stock.
Fun times ahead!

Now go buy some Etsy goodness from our store and from other fantastic handmade artists!

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