Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The move... one week later

It's Christmas day... MERRY CHRISTMAS readers! ...or happy 25 December.

These 7 days of moving have been a little exhausting. The worst part for me is, that no matter what my work space may look like at any time, I'm actually *really* OCD about the placement of things and knowing where all of my stuff is... so moving is always horrible when I lose track of what boxes are where, under what, haven't been labelled....etc etc. And that's what my house looks like at the moment.

I HAVE managed to place a small corner of my work surface in the kitchen in order.
The dogs' bowls have their places now.
And one table in the work room has been setup (I'm typing from it right now).

With there still a few more things to move from the parentals to here, I'm starting to feel relief that I'm in the new house.
Admittedly my first night (last night) was a bit rough, as I'd only brought the new curtains with me late yesterday and they still weren't ready to hang. Then my 5 year old kettle packed up after boiling it ONCE. 3 light bulbs blew last night (including the bedroom light), and there were no shops open where I could get replacement bulbs before heading to my aunt in Pretoria for the family Christmas get-together.
So I'm working in 2 of the 3 rooms that still have light. I have one more window's curtains to hang tomorrow, and hopefully there'll be shops open so I can get light bulbs.

In the meantime my Etsy store is closed until 5 January, but my work space is packed out and I'm working on new stock!
I'll be photographing and editing new stock, planning markets as ahead as I can for 2013, and... I'll be finishing off Wonder Struck Inc's room!

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas day guys!

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