Saturday, October 20, 2012

Discoveries and new things...

It's Saturday, not yet noon, and I've discovered some of the most amazing things on Etsy over my morning cup of coffee (or 2)... so here we go

who also has a clothing'ish store on Etsy too...

Also by Iana Guerra, but in her Crude Things Store

Love what I've been spying in her two stores! All this original oddity!
Go peek in and take a look.

Then... yesterday my Boogie Board RIP finally arrived!
I cannot help but be excited at what I'm going to be doing with this little LCD Writing tablet.
I am a stationary and typography junkie! Anyone who really knows me will give two thumbs up and a nod at this statement. 
So... I decided to do something about this and open a store I can fill with my typography scribbles, stationary and my love of beautiful words and quotes. The store isn't live yet, so patience please while I do some stocking up. 
It has been named though... The Quotable Zoo
I'll announce once it's live...

Also, its that time of year where I let myself get busy with markets... I didn't think it'd happen, but alas.

27 October 2012, Saturday - Wyetti Market
2 November 2012, Friday - Henley Arms Night Market
4 November 2012, Sunday - Henley Model Airfield Market
24 November 2012, Saturday - Wyetti Market (last Wyetti Market for 2012)
7 December 2012, Friday - Henley Arms Night Market
8 December 2012, Saturday - Midsummer Nights Dream Market by BizzR

That's just as it stands of now, and I'm in a mad state of making stock. 

I'll also be having a last dash 50% off EVERYTHING on our Etsy store before the close of the year. So keep your eyes open for that code (it'll also be in the banner of our Etsy store if you peek in there every now and again ;) )

Ok Ok, now back to work for me...

Have a great Saturday humans!

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