Friday, December 21, 2012

And so we begin...

I think... as humans, we really do so much talking and not enough doing.
I'm just as guilty as anyone else I could point a finger at.

For about a year, Heatherlyn and I have been talking, dreaming and imagining a collective project between us...and now

The project name is somewhat unofficial, as Heatherlyn and I haven't quite made a final decision, but we've created this project on StartMe under my store's name.
It's somewhat of a hefty sum we're looking at raising, but that will be for a store, equipment and the initial stock, as well as some advertising.

We'd really appreciate that even if you can't give any funds in for our project, if you could spread the word, by sharing the project via the "share" options available all over the page.

Its a bit of effort being able to fund us, as you'd have to sign up to StartMe to become "part of the community". And you have to buy "investment credits" in order to give funds into ours and the other projects.
But it is VERY appreciated if you'd take the time to do all this.
We would need to be funded AT LEAST 50% if the project target in order to get ANY funding so that we can at least start this journey.
The time frame to raise these funds has been set at 90 days, so please guys, buckle down and help us get our project funded!

I would like to make incentives for those willing to give more than R500 at a time, but that will come as the project runs on the site.


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