Sunday, December 9, 2012

Well well well...

With 5 days away from annual shutdown (at my day job), things are starting to happen. Good things!

I'm up and running on my new laptop, after *almost* 2 years of faithful service, my little notebook is going into semi retirement.

AND you won't believe the progress at our soon to be Head Quarters!
I really didn't expect the extent of work to happen that has been happening since last weekend.
My landlord is on a mission to make me a palace compared to what I was expecting to move into originally.
So we're *hoping* that all the initial work will be done and ready for me to move in as from next weekend (hold thumbs).

Also... Heatherlyn and I were on a weekend rush of markets.
Heatherlyn did SO SO SO well at the night market at Arms on Friday night and I did awfully >.< ... drunk people don't always spend money.

Yesterday's trip to the Midsummer Night's Dream market didn't go so badly, but didn't go so splendidly as we had hoped either.
Firstly, hardly anyone took part in the dress up... how sad!
Secondly, we had such a horrible layout in the stall section and hardly got any feet coming past us :(
Wonder Struck Inc. did, however, do splendidly well despite the lack of human traffic, I just wish I could say the same for Heatherlyn :(

But to those that came out and DID support us. Your patronage was so much appreciated!

While we were there we also got to hear some great cover bands and all girl bands... like Spilled Pink.
They haven't got a cd out yet, but they seem to get around to doing alot of gigs in and around Joburg, so if you see their name up on a gig list, go watch. These two ladies were rocking!
They did some covers and they did a few of their very own originals... just go find them and watch them.

Along with upcoming new stock, reseller orders, moving, new equipment... Heatherlyn and I have really started looking into the markets we're going to be going to in the new year. AND... how we can integrate our two stores into one... there are reasons we're starting this ;)

Before I put the Etsy store into vacation mode, I'll be loading a whole wack of stock onto the store for you to peruse and buy!
Then there are some revamps coming over the vacation period and we reopen the store on the 5th of January. I was hoping to be back and open by the 4th, but there are some changes to my holiday plans for the new year before I go back to my day job.

Sigh, hopefully I'll soon be posting pics of the new work space on here. >.< keep watching this space.

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