Sunday, August 26, 2012


As I stood at the stableyard this afternoon, I saw the promise of rain coming over the horizon... or so I thought :-/
I have yet to hear the ominous thunderings and lightenings that's so common of our night time rainings and storms... sigh

But oh well...
The Wyetti Market... was quiet. The weather, however, was amazing. The bit of wind isn't even worth complaining about when we had sun and warmth and happy faces!
Thank you to those that came past and bought some of our goodies.
Our new setup with covered posts and massive bows in gingham, surrounding the outside of our stall, was just awesome.
I am DEFENITELY going to be doing this new setup at the Medieval Market, being organised by Dayle and Meryl from Neigh-bours.

In the meanwhile, we DO have some new items up on our Etsy store (feel free to peruse our Clearance section, where the items have mostly been halved in price)

As Sunday night moves on, I hope the week ahead is awesome for all of you!


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