Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rainy nights...

Rain against the windows is a sound I miss dearly during winter... there's something quite comfortable about drinking hot tea at the desk, while its raining outside.

And for this kind of evening... I'd bliss out completely.
* sigh *
Another thing that leaves me smiling tonight, is that more cameos arrived at the post office today *squee* and I really cannot wait to make them into stock for the Midsummer Night's Dream market on 8 December.
.. oh yeah and for the last Wyetti Market of 2012.

We had to, unfortunately, give this last weekend's night market at the Henley Arms a miss after another lock on the back door of the house failed.
And that means, I couldn't very well leave the house unlocked until midnight, with no one here.
I'm having the WORST luck with locks lately *gah* and anyone who got to witness the reaction on Friday was probably left with a laugh for the weekend. >.<

So... with only 2 markets left of 2012, we hope you'll come support handmade.

Then comes the changes for 2013!
I'm really hoping we'll be in our new living/working space during December so that everything can be set up for resin work, screen printing, sewing, etc. etc.
I really think that that'll put us on a whole new level!

Inbetween ALL  that and the day job (blergh), The Quotable Zoo and the Wonder Struck Inc's first official photo shoot is on the drawing boards.
YES! see? we're getting there, slowly but very very surely.

Then, before I just close off this post...

Kelly, one of our regular customers on Etsy, has placed another order with us and we're just so so chuffed to  have such an awesome person buying from our store. THANK YOU KELLY!

Maruchka (She_Grim), thanks for being our model/in house graphics girl and for just continuing to grow as an amazing human being! Love you girl.

Keep checking in for our latest updates (sorry our twitter has been a bit quiet, but with all my android devices fried, I feel rather outdated and have to actually GET INTO the twitter account. sho...not cool).



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