Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hear ye, Hear ye ...

Hello readers...
...this post is proving to be a bit difficult to write, it may be the 7am moment, the lack of sleep, the coffeelessness, the afterglow of puppymonster snuggles used to wake me up... sigh

Let's try this.

I would like to remind everyone that this Saturday, tomorrow, is the last Saturday of August... so its Wyetti Craft Market time!
I am pretty excited to show off mine and Heatherlynn's new stall revamps, which will be including bows, signage and new stock... If you're not there to support, well, I'll remember to take pics of the day, as I usually do ;)

Then, we get one weekend off before the Henley Arms night market on the first Friday of September.
Happening in Ewelme rd, Henley-on-klip. As Spring approaches the sun seems to be setting later and later, and Duncan has set up an array of spotlights, so there'll be plenty of light till we close off at 10pm.

If you're in Vanderbijlpark on the First Friday of September and you're not at our Henley Arms Market, head to Rafterz, where Wake to Wonder and Van Coke Kartel will be jamming for the night.

Then! :)) <- note the huge smile.
On Sunday, 9 September 2012, from 12pm.... in Kyalami... there'll be a MEDIEVAL MARKET!
Hosted by our very favourite horsey ladies at Neigh-bours, Meryl and Dayle.

Wonder Struck Inc. will be at the Medieval Market with a stall, AND, we've sponsored a gorgeous Unicorn cameo necklace for the Fancy Dress winner.
Even if you're not that into horses, get dressed up and come join us for a pretty awesome afternoon with demo's of weapon making, medieval tourney's, you can even be a knight for a day ;)

If you can't make it... ;) I'll post pics of the day.

Blog you later.

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