Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Finding the time...

It's been a maddening last few weeks (sanity hasn't let go just yet).

We have gotten our completed Tshirts, in our first design company, this one being with SheGrim.
The "title" for this shirt is officially, Freedom v.1, and we hope you grab one while they're available.
We have them available on our BigCartel, Etsy, wozaonline and you can even order via our personal Facebook pages.
If you view the tabs at the top of our blog, the tabs will take you to almost all our pages, right now!

Market news: apart from our usual Wyetti and Henley Arms markets, we're also trying to get a place at a Medieval turned Equestrian happening in Kyalami for September.
If I'get booked in time and they have space, I'll post the details for you to check out.

Hopefully... *hopefully* ...things are going to start being less crazy by the end of August.

For those who support/read/view our stores and stalls. Thanks. You're amazing.
Once our stickers and badges are sorted, I would love to send them off as freebies to you guys, so if you want a free pin or sticker, leave me a message so I can put you on the list :)

Have a great day, wherever you are!


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