Saturday, November 17, 2012

Makery and the things that go with it...

Ah! Last night was a no go for work... and after a SWELTERINGLY hot day (gah!), I'm infront of the fan and pc, listening to UVERworld (trying to see what the hype around them is) and I'm making again.

But its not ALL about the making...
anyone who knows anything about my 'manufacturing' process will know that a large component to my time at the having anime on.
I'm an anime nutball and this week I discovered another anime that I just can't help but rave about...


After the fatality of my ENTIRE Bleach folder going *boom*, inbetween recovering all 366 episodes, I've been eyeing out new anime to watch.
And Toradora! was one of them that caught my eye. Yea, I know this came out in 2008 already, but if YOU haven't watched it yet... its light hearted and fun. There's no Bleach/Naruto/Hellsing/Basilisk thing going on anywhere in this. Its like Azumanga Daioh, with a bit more sense and very awesome artwork.
I'm already on episode 18 of this 25 episode anime, and I'm dreading the end.

So... once I've had my fill of this UVERworld stuff... I'm switching back onto the last few episodes of this cute little anime, while working my fingers to the bone on new Wonder Struck Inc. stock, in preperation for the next two markets:

24 November - Wyetti Craft Market
8 December - Midsummer Nights Dream (hosted by BizzR)

And, just a quick reminder... the whole ETSY store will be on total vacation mode from 24 December till 4 January.
No orders will be taken and/or posted.
This will also just give me a chance to do necessary editing and changes without worrying about the store being live while its all "going down".

These same changes will be implemented on our BigCartel store.

The packaging changes are already happening, with neater posting labels, boxes, sticker freebies, thank you notes.... it's just crazy !

But that's all for this update.... a nerdy rant ;)

Have a great Saturday humans, where ever you are :)

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