Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas presents... for us?!

Project update:

2 days into the fundraising project and I just got 2 emails in the my inbox informing me that donations have been given.
I wasn't expecting those 2 donations to have us at 4% of target!

To Ben and iangels for their very generous donations and support of the project so early into its setup on Startme, THANK YOU!

Wonder Struck Inc. project

And it may not seem like much but I'm very happy that we're now at 6 likes (yesterday we had barely made it to a total of 4), which means word about our project is spreading!

Though this is not exclusively a Wonder Struck Inc. project, I will be managing the project and it's admin on Startme.
So as the next 88 days progress, I'll be updating you on here.

We *have* to meet AT LEAST 50% of target to get ANY of the funding donated to us (and out of whatever we're funded we still pay a percentage to the site as an admin/success fee).
So help us spread the word so that we can get funded!

The moving update:

Well... tomorrow I move the very last of the stuff into the new house/Wonder Struck Inc. HQ.
Then we'll officially be in!
As of yesterday the workroom that I'll be making and storing all of Wonder Struck Inc's stock between markets, is still filled with unplaced furniture and boxes, but the store will be completely shutdown so that I can concentrate entirely on sorting the work space out.

The Etsy/Bigcartel stores & stock updates:

The new stuff I've been making seems to be something I could easily settle into creating, and I'm hoping people love it as much as I do.
Alot of victorian/medieval inspiration has gone into it, with just a hint of steampunk.

We'll also be taking on goodies by other creatives that cannot make it to the same venues as us. After all we're purveyors of things handmade and pretty (and odd and interesting) ;)

Heatherlynn and I will also be looking at combining our stalls into one for about 80% of the markets in 2013, after all, that is the point of our fundraising project, to open a collective handmade store together.

Now, back to packing and making inbetween. Pictures of the new space will probably follow soon.

~ ZOO ~

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