Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Big smiles...

Well... still recovering from a long day out on Sunday.
But, I am so extremely happy and thankful to EVERYONE that came to buy and look in at our stall.

3 of my new necklaces inspired by the "theme" of Sunday...sold out!
we were barely unpacked when the first of the 3 sold. The other 2 sold in moments after.
So thank you everyone for not only liking what I make/stock but just for coming out to make the market a success.
Boo to those that didn't get dressed up, where's your inner child?!
To the knights and trolls and middle earth kids, you were all so amazing!!

Sadly, because of battery issues, I didn't take any pictures, but I'll see if I can get ahold of some so that if you were in Gauteng and didn't go, you can see what you missed!

Then store news:

Freedom v.1 tees - we still have loads of stock from this run of prints, so grab yourself a shirt either from our Etsy or Bigcartel store for UNDER $15 (excluding shipping).
South african buyers, this tee will cost you R95 (postage is R35).

Freedom v.2 - thanks to John at Nuclear Design for our upcoming Tee collab design. As our stock lowers on the other tees, we'll setup a run of these new unisex tees, so watch out!

Squareheads - because of our single workloads and projects, this project is moving really slow for John and I, but it WILL be happening, so keep watching out for it.

The Quotable Zoo - my new sideproject...
Those who know me best know that I am very much a stationary/typography/word/quotes/font junky, so I decided to create an outlet for it ;)
I have registered a store with Etsy, but it's not ready yet to make an official "opening". I am so excited to start listing prints!

Again, thank you to those that read this blog, support our Etsy store and who follow us on Twitter. It is YOU that will help me take this to where I'm dreaming to go with it.

Much love. Blessed be,

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