Thursday, August 2, 2012

For serious...

Well... I, CJ/Zoocatty, am very happy to announce that in the next 2 weeks, we will officially be releasing the first range of Wonder Struck Inc. clothing items. The T-shirts will be available from our BigCartel and woza online stores as soon as they're ready.
The first run, entitled Freedom v.1, has been designed in collaboration with our model, SheGrim.
The shirts in this range will only be available in white and are available from small to xxl.
When you order you'll also get either a 25mm badge or 66mm glossy round sticker of the smashed heart featured on the shirts. Just a little thanks from Wonder Struck Inc. and SheGrim ;)
We'll also be collaborating for a new jewellery range with a vinyl artist in the next few months, as more time opens up.
The Wonder Struck Inc./Nuclear Designs collaboration, Squareheads, will also be getting into gear again as the swamp of work lessens.
Then, this Friday night is our monthly night market happening at Henley Arms, Ewelme road, Henley-on-klip, Fahrenheit, South Africa.
Come join us for drinks, food, shinanigans and of course crafty goods!
The weekend, however doesn't stop there fore, as the Wonder Struck Inc. horsebeast, Sonny, will be doing his Prelim I dressage class at 14:30 ish on Sunday. Wish us luck!
Photos and videos of our show trip will be up on the blog during next week. Fun!
Till the next update, have a fantastical day humans.

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