Friday, April 19, 2013

Paper delights...

It's a cold rainy Friday evening here, so instead of braving the weather for a night out, I decided that the Wonder Struck Inc. workroom, coffee and puppymonsters, were a far better way to spend the evening.

Also, some visual updates from the latest at Wonder Struck Inc. ;)

White skully pendant necklace - a favourited item on our Etsy store today.

Our Black Market Baby series is being listed as the pieces are made.
These "key hole" pendant necklaces are looking amazing!

We're starting to work on two tone resin pieces like these roses, which sell out so fast via Facebook.
Once we have some stock available again, we'll list them on the stores.

Also, we have loads of octopus necklaces available, like here

Now... time for more coffee refills and a snuggle with the puppymonster Astraeus while we watch the new anime we've been downloading.

Have a great evening/day/Friday ;)  !

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