Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And 2013 is here...

The start to 2013 was a calming, open arm, warm hug for many of us.

I'm still unpacking though... 16 days away from our first market for 2013. I'll get there, I promise!

Very awesome shamballa style bracelets are being put into stock, loads of really awesome necklaces and earrings. Today is a stock evaluation to see what we're getting rid of, what we're adding, what we're taking to which markets... and basically just to get the value of it all (I'm almost too scared to see what  kind of money is sitting in this room >.< )

It's just part of us becoming more organised, so onward!

Quick updates:

  • Don't forget we have a 20% discount going until the end of January in our Etsy store.
  • We're still 73 days away from target on our Startme campaign, your support would be GREATLY  appreciated to help Heatherlynn and I open our store of handmade goodness. Even R1's go a LONG way to helping us get to AT LEAST 50% of our target by the deadline.
    (please note that Startme is a platform working in Rands only)
  • We're weighing the options of continuing on Bigcartel as our traffic there is very low. We're looking at setting up a Storenvy store in it's place (cancelling the Bigcartel in effect). Once this is all sorted out, we'll post the links and do the changes here on the linking tab of our blog.

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