Friday, May 10, 2013

Pre-weekend inspirations...

I had a pretty awesome mid-week shopping trip, just filling up on some of the usual stock items and finding some little extra new things to try out... and my supplier, very sternly reminded me that I hadn't been there in over a month... before giving me nearly 40% off of my shopping trip expenses.
Seriously, if I had known he'd be so angrily charitable, I would have bought some more goodies that I spotted with a longing.
But alas, before returning to the shelves and then getting scolded again, I restrained myself (till next week, mwahahahaha)

I really did find some really cute things, just to add as a once off in the store.
Like pink etched mustaches (I kid you not), from which bracelets have already been made and put into stock.
I also found the cutest multicoloured acrylic spikes... which have also quickly become bracelets and are already in the stock box.
I'm really not sure that I'll be making these regularly, but I'd like to see someone get some happy from them. So if you spot them at the markets, or on the online stores. Snatch them up if you like the look and price ;)

If you've been perusing our Etsy store, you *may* have noticed some changes to how I'm doing the listing descriptions.
I'm finding it a little more work, but SO much easier to read. Though, it would be great to get feedback on how correct I am in saying that ;)
I'm going to be doing the same changes to the MyStall and Storenvy listings, as I get a chance, obviously.
But as we speak, I am the only person doing all these changes, and I'm also doing this while making new things, and watching anime (which is VERY important to my creative process).

I'm also starting to make stock for my other Etsy store, The Quotable Zoo.
It's going to be fun ;)
Hope you'll peek in there too and maybe get something pretty for yourself to use.

But now... BACK TO WORK! These listings aren't going to edit themselves ;)

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