Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring cleaning for winter...

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With the move into a bigger space for myself (and in extension, Wonder Struck Inc.), I've had to spend some much needed time going through these boxes and bags and storage units FILLED with components I've collected over the last 4ish years.
I've also been lugging around a rather heavy stock box with me at the markets and really feel like it could use a bit of ease.
So... if you've ever wondered about the store's CLEARANCE section on Etsy, I'm not just dumping junk in that section, it's stuff that will be phased out, but has been made with just as much care as everything else in the store ;)

And... *cough* though I'm trying so hard to clear out "older" stock, I've been adding to it almost as quickly, for example, with the BLACK MARKET BABY range of necklaces and now bracelets.
If you haven't seen them yet, go look!

Our Black Market Baby necklaces currently in stock on our Etsy.

Extending the Black Market Baby range with bracelets, like this one in silver and black

We've done several "odd" colour combos on these bracelets, like this bronze and BRIGHT blue. FUN!

Alot of "new" resin pieces have been on hold as I try and wait to make the workroom warmer... unfortunately this is the thing with working with resin, it will only cure in really warm temperatures -.- so alot of stuff has been on hold.

What else have we been working on? .........

some time ago, I mentioned, that I'd opened another store on Etsy, called The Quotable Zoo.
I've only "booked" this store name, but haven't quite made stock yet.
It'll officially be open from June, as I'm making and photographing stock now. 
I cannot wait for you all to see what I'm going to be doing in that little store!

Nuclear Designs and Wonder Struck Inc. started ages ago with getting into the process of starting our collaboration called "Squareheads" ... because of financial issues, work, personal things that needed time, we just had to put it on hold.
We really are trying to get the collaboration going, and because it's just the logical combination of our current work, we're discussing starting with jewellery.
We'll be linking you to the Squareheads social sites so you can follow our updates and progress again as we slowly get into moving the project along.

We also do ribbon necklaces. These are never in stock for long though >.< ....
we even do customs if you ask ;)

And with that ;) working hard on updating Instagram with newness that's happening in the workroom (kik: zoocatty), doing edits on the Etsy store, hopefully doing some listing on the Storenvy store too over this weekend.
We slave for our crafts! Join us for the ride and support handmade!

~ Zoo ~ have a kickass weekend readers ;)

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