Wednesday, May 1, 2013

new news... oh yes!

"Life is a field of unlimited possibilities" ~ Deepak Chopra

What is Wonder Struck Inc. busy with?...

It may be Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere... but with these we can have Spring all year long!

I'm working on doing more two tone and single tone varieties of these resin roses, putting them on rings, pins and necklaces for everyone's tastes.
If you want customs done on these, message me or request a custom on our Etsy store.

We are FULLY stocked on this massive range of colours on the octo necklaces.
They're just so fun!

Our resin octo necklaces are always a huge hit at our markets, so we're always making these in the spaces between markets.
Have your gotten yours yet? ;)

Inbetween the making and stock counting, I've been doing some serious revamps on the stores... and I mean, there have been NO revamps like what I'm doing at the moment.
Things like "re-writing" each listing is happening, never mind banners and themes.. just the rewrites!!!
But it's all going to be worth it, hope you like it all a bit better too.

Now... for tea, some more changes and then BED!

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