Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Season's bliss...

Since being 'inspired' to start the Black Market Baby range, it really has started growing, and best of all is that I'm enjoying it.
Each piece has come out so different... And so different to my pedantic want for matching components.
Have you peeked at the new bracelets yet? I hope you like them.

I've also started some serious organisation and cleaning of the workroom :-\ which isn't nearly as fun as it sounds.
I have so much stuff that needs to be used / sold / passed on.
I really will take photos once it's all clean and easier to work in.

Inbetween these OCD rages... I've been adding not only to my anime collection (I strongly believe my best work comes while watching these shows), I've also been adding to the Wonder Struck Inc. jrock collection.
Yea between raging bellows of Killswitch Engage, banjo solos of Mumford and Sons and growlings of ArchEnemy.... I've been putting in some listening time on High and Mighty Color (sadly disbanded) and Spyair.
You may now wince...

But more important than any updates in this entry is this....

We've also been blessed to spend another Mothers Day this last Sunday with some amazing women in our lives.
To my step mom (aka Ma), thank you for being the mom I both needed, and never had.
To one of the amazing Ouma's, thank you for just being a strong, jovial boere tannie.

These are just two of the women who inspire Wonder Struck Inc, in what we do and how we do it.
We laugh, we drink, we don't take life too seriously. We're sympathetic, empathetic.... And more often than not...sorry for ouraelves.
But we laugh and joke about the scraped knees, the busted egos and we take on the next step.

To all the ladies who take time to view our Etsy, and read our blog/Twitter.... Never ever think you are anything less than amazing. You're gorgeous, creative, vibrant....and above all, strong.

Have a great week, and take on with two hands and a glad heart.

Much love ~

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