Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fuelled by anime... otaku alert!

Well... Autumn reared its head at us today with the breezy, chilled air and sunny skies with big poofy clouds floating about like romping bunnies in a blue field.
And... no one was spending money.
So as much as we LOVED (as usual) our Wyetti Market day, we didn't make many sales, but got some kids in to learn how to make their own wire wrap bracelets... the creations were wild and totally off the wall. No limits to creativity ;)

So, with hugs and love from 4 very wonderful people in my life - and also great supporters of Wonder Struck Inc, I did thoroughly survive the day of no sales with smiles and laughs.

With a 2 week gap between now and our next market at the Henley Arms Night Market, we're giving everyone of our online spies a 20% discount of all our listed stock, on our facebook and on our Etsy (which you'll have to type a code in for on checkout:  APRILFOOLS2012) this 20% off is for the 1st of April *ONLY*

...but now that the day is over from markets, and smiles and eating and sunshining...
We're rounding up with anime (loads of new Fairy Tail, Naruto Shippuuden and Bleach going on the old media player), while putting the head down and getting paperwork done and sorted.

so, fuelled on a constant run and go between of anime, we hope you're all resting peacefully before its back to work on Monday.

hoo hah!


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