Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In the background...

As you look through our blog... Wonder Struck Inc is evidently a small little collective of crafty happenings, but there's things to share besides the crafty goodness...

I'm a diehard metalhead (I won't profess to be a hardcore Slayer fan, but I'm a metalhead nonetheless).
And along with all that happens during Wonder Struck Inc...music (and anime) make up a huge part of the creative process.

One of the many bands that hold a special place in my music collection is Opeth (yes, yes, Blackwater Park)...but there is an album less spoken of that I keep with me even in my car for the near 10 hours a day I spend in it.

Damnation, one of the most bitterly beautiful albums you could treat yourself to.
The blissful heart tuggings I feel while listening to any track on this album makes me swoon.

Hope you find it just as haunting as I do...and that you'll be listening while its playing here too, during Wonder Struck creative sessions ;)

Peace and love...

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