Friday, April 6, 2012

On Good Friday

Firstly... * HAPPY EASTER *
It's Good Friday, Wonder Struck Inc. just got back from church...and feeling positive in this gorgeous weather today!

I also...slammed my finger into my car door as I got back home...
I'm typing with a blue and ego busting finger on my writing hand and regretting going to my parents for comfort... I was subjected to the pain of ice packs and finger wigglings to "check if it's broken"........sigh

Other than that....also stopped off at what will soon be the little housey I'll be living in and where Wonder Struck Inc. will be based.
A real life office and work space will be made!
There's some work that needs to be done on the place, so I don't have an ETA as yet. Holding thumbs (as best I can) that it all happens for the end of April.

With that... I'm sending you all off with best wishes for your Easter weekend (if you celebrate Easter)...otherwise have some well deserved time off.
We've got 4 days off to enjoy puppymonster cuddles, horsebeast demands and sushikid excitement, all while slipping some book reading, photo editing, new listing activity, inbetween.

Come back safe and soon ;)

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