Thursday, March 29, 2012

Change...of Season

Driving out of the Vaal this morning towards Johannesburg... I was just overcome by roadsides and fields of burnt oranges dotted with whites and pinks of cosmos...fresh after last night's storm.
The Suikerbosrand Reserve hung under a blanket of low lying clouds and the chill in the air hung about the silhouettes of tall evergreens reaching up to dark grey skies.

And again I'm reminded why I moved back to the Vaal...why no where else in Gauteng feels like home and why I want Wonder Struck Inc based here.
A seriously misunderstood paradise...


But...with the cosmos reminding us that Autumn is soon here...also comes our last Summer market at Wyetti.
We'll be stocking gloves from next month, and scarves and we'll be lighting the little fires around the market too.....
How great does that sound?!

Also....the last day for 10% off everything in our Etsy the day of the market.
I might have to put the store into vacation mode for Saturday incase Etsy stuff sells at the market.
We're taking EVERYTHING with to the market...including new hairclips made with skully ribbons!

And hopefully this cold that I've recently acquired won't down me this weekend with so much planned.

Onward to a positive Thursday...


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