Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fuelled by coffee...

Its a week of countdowns as we head back to markets and end discount promotions.

You have FIVE DAYS left of our 10% off discount voucher on Etsy: HAVE10OFF
And... just SIX DAYS till our next Wyetti Market.

There's SO MUCH new stock, mostly OOAK pieces but some of the newer "repeat" stock is going to be showing its face at this next market at Wyetti, and then...onto our Etsy store.

We are at least getting some time in to do some admin stuff (yuck), while heading to a far better organised system for our market ... this could also have to do with the fact that we had a public holiday during this last week, adding 1 more full day onto our work time *ha!*

Then... we're trying to get some "likes" added onto our Facebook page and some more followers on our Twitter ...all this social networking is just that...

... and today I, zoo, got a chance to practice all these real life social skills I've developed over the years, by hanging out with a very awesome Maruschka, soon to be Wonder Struck Inc and Squareheads' model.
We were drinking cocktails, talking to random people with babies, trying to bribe dogs of different shapes and sizes to come sit by us and just generally being joyously happy at the escape from real life for a few hours.
I know I can't wait to do some photo shoots with this mad budding graphic designer/artist, and I can't wait for our stores to grow with her help and yours!

We learn as we go along and eventually we're going to find a pretty comfy spot to do all this in...
unlike the hard chairs in badly lit corners of overly warm, tiny rooms at 1am's, fuelled on coffee and flowing creative thoughts, that we currently operate on. *sigh*
Dedication man, dedication.

now... to go update you on some news on the Squareheads project ;) .... follow me!

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