Monday, June 17, 2013


I'm such a craft hoarder... molds that have been lying around since moving into our new house, have only started being used this last week. And am I ecstatic about what's coming out of them or what?

Some very cool smaller rings, for those who haven't warmed up to our extra large dome rings. Right?

A couple of inbox messages later, I've decided to start loading all the newer stock back onto our South African friendly online store on MyStall.
This site is mainly for our South African buyers that don't have PayPal, or would prefer to buy in South African Rands ;)

You'll also be seeing some new stock on our Etsy :)
We're also running TWO discount codes on the Etsy store, if you could peek in on the store announcements to see the Terms & Conditions of the codes.

Code:  HAVE10OFF ~ will get you 10% off your entire order.
Code:  SHIPME ~ to get free shipping if you buy for $35 or more (please don't use this code when buying the White Lion Oracle cards)

Then, inbetween the newness... we hope you've noticed our wonderful She_GRim modelling some of our pieces.
You'll be seeing more of her as we do our changes to update the store... where she will also be doing the design work on our banner and business cards :)

in our white on black skull and crossbones PIRATES LIFE dome ring

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