Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More! ...

Despite being full of flu and trying to fight through with a whole list of meds taken at intervals and a huge flask of hot black tea...
I've also been doing loads of work on Wonder Struck Inc today. LOTS OF WORK
We have THREE, yes THREE, collaborations lined up.
The first being Squareheads, which I've been mentioning for almost a year now (yup, we're still working on it!)
then I have a full on Wonder Struck Inc project set coming up with Maruchka (for shirts) and then with a very special vinyl toy arteest for some geeky girl jewellery (very excited about it.)
Then... I've just spent a small fortune ordering more stock components online right now for more Wonder Struck awesome.

Though we had a FANTASTICAL sales day at Wyetti this last Saturday, and we have our usual monthly night market coming up on the 8th of June at Henley Arms, we're planning a cleaning out sale throughout our Etsy shop and via our direct sales (through here on our blog, on our Facebook, on our Twitter or via our email).
The sale will run from 10 June 2012 till 24 June 2012, and will be 35% off all our stock.

Keep your eyes on our blog and twitter for the code that you will HAVE to use in order to qualify for the discount, even if you're not on Etsy and are ordering from us through other electronic means.

Thanks for peeking in ;)
Hope you're having a good, flu-free week so far *hugs&kisses*

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