Friday, May 4, 2012

This Madness is for you...

Its May.
April's public holiday frenzy has subsided and we're hitting the grindstones once again.
Well... Wonder Struck Inc has had some good and some bad on the sales front over April, but money is still tight.
My Squareheads partner, John, is feeling it too. But we are still doing what we can to get Squareheads merch going, just keep an eye on the blog for news ;)
In the meantime...
Maruchka, the brilliant little nutter that will be modelling Wonder Struck Inc and Squareheads merch, also has a creative side of her own, a side that we will be showing off in expanding Wonder Struck Inc stock.
Our first T-shirt design collab with talented little Maruchka is officially in the works!
We talked, we decided....and yesterday was my first glimpse at what will be our first official design for shirts.
Wonder Struck Inc will be making these new products available at local markets and on Bigcartel.
We *will not* be putting this on the Etsy store, because the shirts will not be hand screenprinted by us (we do not have space at the moment to do this ourselves).
We'll load the stock as they become available.
The first run of shirts will be limited to a very small quantity, but as we go along, more stock will become available.
Then for the handmade stuff...
We will continue with our handmade jewellery and crochet items which are available not only on the Etsy store, but at local markets and from our Facebook page.
Before I sign off, for our Etsy buyers, thank you so much for the support and feedback you have given us over April.
It is greatly appreciated!
And with that!

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