Saturday, May 26, 2012

What a day!

I have to first express my complete appreciation and gratitude for a truly great day!

Wonder Struck sales were so good today, new and regular customers alike supported us in full force at the Wyetti Market, in Henley today.
So thank you! thank you! thank you!

And despite sitting infront of the notebook, with a heater blazing to warm up a very cold room, and an onset of apparent sickness.... I'm here working, on the blog, on Etsy specials (discounts galore! coming up) and on new products.
On a Saturday night!


While our internet provider's signal hassles have been hassling Wonder Struck and many others, we've slipped through to continue working on new projects.
Alone I am limited in my creativity, but working with others I get to work with people who have different tastes and styles, and we get to put it altogether into something unique and awesome.
So that's part of the direction I seem to be pushing Wonder Struck Inc. for.
As complex and interestingly layered as we are, we should embrace all the little parts of ourselves, like being geeky over vinyl toys, comic books and slipping Tracy Chapman tracks into my death metal playlists (haha), nerdy t-shirts and kind of understanding the 'embrace' of International Towel Day.

These are just some of the flavours I've always wanted Wonder Struck Inc. to express... and it will!
Come along for the ride ;)

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