Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Its not often that Johannesburg Central inspires me to motivation. But gah!
Its such a gorgeous day... I can hardly help it.
I've been "spring cleaning" the last few days. Still got alot of work to get through, but at least all the pricing has been sorted and a stock count done.
I'm also in the process of designing a light box (which I've needed for a good year by now) and so that I can do listings whenever!
With new logo work, new ideas and designs... I think a holiday will soon be in order...
But until then!
Maruchka and I are getting closer and closer to our new T-shirt collaboration seeing daylight.
Our first design is almost finalised.
(I'm loading a pic of our scribble)

To our newcomers on Facebook and Twitter, thanks for joining!
To the peeker inners, thanks for staying!
And to our buyers, thanks for the support!
Until we blog again ;)

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