Saturday, April 14, 2012

Post market madness...

Well, another night market at the Henley Arms has come and gone.
Thanks to those that came out! even my Squareheads partner came out to give moral support (from the balcony with a draft in hand) ;)

Now... before our next market, being at Wyetti on the last Saturday of this month, we're give you guys a FREE SHIPPING code to use on our Etsy :  SHIPOFF
If you don't use the code you won't get the free shipping ! when checking out your order, there is a box that is specifically for any active codes to be typed into (in that shop obviously). This is where you'll type this code in.
Please remember that the code will only be active till 30 April.
It won't be active on the 1st of May, South African time.
* this code is active RIGHT NOW *

New stock planning is also happening.
As I wait on new stock components to *hopefully* arrive and as I try fit in Wonder Struck Inc work between my day job. Gah! the rat race!

 And with that... have a great Saturday night/Sunday morning, where ever you are.

*hugs and all that squishy stuff*

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