Sunday, April 22, 2012

New views...

Well Happy Sunday readers!

Its a post rain day here in the Vaal and wow, this weather! I could very well have my laziest day planned out.
Blanket on the grass, under a tree, surrounded by puppymonsters and a vintage print Alice In Wonderland in hardcover in my hand!

But before all of that.

This Saturday (despite it being a long weekend), we have one of them "hectic market days" coming at us.
We'll be at Wyetti from 9am to 3pm...then! 200 people are gathering on a farm to watch bands late into the night and we'll be there with a merch table setup.
I'll be confirming those details tomorrow but I'm so chuffed people go out of their way to invite Wonder Struck Inc to take part in these things.

I've also been *trying* to get some items made that I can duplicate as I'll be trying to get us into retail establishments. *holds thumbs*
But we'll always stay handmade!

I have *some* clarity on my move...
I stopped by what will soon be Wonder Struck Inc headquarters yesterday and... well, there's so much work to do on the place.
We have the house being cleaned right now, then the painting starts in the next couple of weeks, then a whole new kitchen installation is happening (I still cannot believe what the previous tenants did to the place).
Then there's tiling, carport and fences to erect. Security installation, door and window to the as yet undefined backyard....
So yes. In short, the move probably won't even be happening by end of June.
We hold out hope though.

So until then, Wonder Struck Inc will be operating as per usual.
Hope you'll continue to read, to buy, to support.

We'd appreciate if you tweeted/pinned/facebooked our items on Etsy ;)

Until the next entry. Head on to a gorgeous fulfilling Sunday!


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