Saturday, February 9, 2013

NEW and exciting...

Hello... sorry for the silence.

But there's been alot happening!

One of the newest things I've been working on... a resin range of jewellery made and designed by Wonder Struck Inc.
I'm in the process of waiting for some test pieces to come out of the molds during tomorrow, and some finished items will hopefully be up during tomorrow on our Etsy store.
And our products aren't the only change we're busy with.
Our business cards and soon our banner will be revamped by the madness of She_Grim.
With us wanting to get to a point of settling comfortably in our new workspace, in our new market line up for the year. We really do want everything to work together smoothly. There have been hiccups till now, and there'll probably be a few more as we go on into the rest of February (and beyond), but we're ready to take it all on.

Then, my gorgeous friend, fellow crafter and regular market stall neighbour, Heatherlynn (from KopyKat) and I are still working on our project that we've been threatening eachother with for the last 2 and half years... it now officially has a name:  WANDERLAND.
But! more on this later ;)

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