Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Black market baby..

This song has got me hooked! I'm
*inspired* by it.
New pieces made while listening to gorgeous, heavy, dirty blues pieces like Black Market Baby (by the amazing Tom Waits) will be up in our Etsy before month end.

With shop revamps I've decided to start limited ranges, like the latest pieces I've *just* mentioned.
I'm also, between these ideas, starting to put together sample boxes for stores that I want to approach.
As much as I know that each piece is wellmade, handmade, and unique, it's still nerve-wrecking, the possibility of rejection.

But pre-approach photo session of the sample boxes will happen if you'd like to peek what I'm offering the stores ;)

Other things have been happening "back stage", some good, some sad, some bad, and some amazing.
But to those who look in to read our blog regularly, THANK YOU!

Then in closing....

To Boston, and those directly affected by the bombings at the Boston Marathon finish line, prayers and positive thoughts go out to all of you.
Stand tall and strong with, and for eachpther, and please remember not to lower yourselves to violence in an attempt to make whoever did this "pay"....

Violence only begets violence. We take comfort rather in our strength to be compassionate and to help those affected and to another, rather than mess with those who don't deserve our notice.

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