Friday, January 2, 2015

Hello 2015...

I have always been about positivity on the blog, and page (and all social media actually).

So the first post will follow that trend.

2014 was such a strange year for everyone, and I think there were as many ups as there were downs. But we are so greatful for the 2014 you all gave Wonder Struck Inc.
You were all amazing... and still are ;)

This year we'd like to spend even more time promoting (and supporting) handmade.

Each Friday we'll be sharing a great page for you guys to peek at (and like if it peeks your interest).

Fridays will also be blog updates. Like this one :)

Some new items have started making their debuts on the Facebook and Instagram pages. Don't be shy to join our social media, we're even on Twitter.

Then, markets.
We don't have any booked for January as yet, but keep looking in for updates. But we'll most probably be out and about from February again.

Then, thank you all again for the clicks, views, likes, shares and comments.
We *really* appreciate the time you take to support us in any way.

Onward to the new year!

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