Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tea and yawns...


I really do feel like just a bit of a zombie today, but blissed with happy.

This weekend roughed me up around the edges, with a night market at The Shed and then a Saturday market yesterday at Wyetti.
We had great fun with fellow stall holders, who even helped me set up when I got to the night market late after some really awful accident traffic on all the highways coming out of Joburg.
Thanks guys!

To the visitors at the markets, thanks for coming out in the chill to come look at the stalls and eat the home made food (market made food?) ;)
Like the wonderful Catherina and her food stall "The Stables" at Wyetti.
Her food was out of this world, and we tried out both the cheese platter and the eisbein & bean soup. Wow! Can you hear me purring at the memory ?! Because I am!

But back to business ;)

If you've been spying our blog, our facebook and the instagram, you'll see all the goodies that are being made/loaded.
Some pieces are already up on our Etsy store and ready to ship once you snatch it up.

I've also been on the search for some really great "standard" packaging for the store and I've found some of the greatest things!
Just about all of our necklaces and bracelets will now be packaged in reusable little round steel tins. They look great!

Octo necklaces that we stock for our markets (and for custom orders)
Some are up for sale on our Etsy too...

We've released our "Black Market Baby" range, in 3 necklaces on our Etsy store, but will be working on other forms of the idea during the next few weeks. It'll be interesting to see the feedback on the new items in this new range.
They've been fun to work on so far!

We've also got one of a kind pieces coming through and inbetween all the other work, but alot of them will be pieces I *can* repeat if I see people want some more of them.
Though, these repeats will be limited.

As it's a long weekend for me (I'll try not to brag too much), I should beable to fit more photo taking in, in the next 3 days.
It's going to be fun getting all the newness to your eyes!

Peek in regularly to see what we're up to ;)


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