Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Back to business....

Ha. Thought it was highly appropriate that as I started getting this post ready, that AC/DC's "For those about to rock, we salute you" comes on.

I'm not sure what other Etsy/Storenvy/online handmade artists' experiences have been (past and present) with a drop in self confidence, when it feels like things are just going nowhere...
But the self confidence and motivation at Wonder Struck Inc dropped so low lately... And it was hard being in that.
But I'm back and fighting fierce. With a smile on my dial of course ;)

And have you noticed? Autumn has started closing its arms around us.
Chilly mornings and evenings. Warm, sunny, clear skied afternoons.

More inspired work is definitely on the way, to celebrate one of my personally favourite seasons.

Now... I know I've mentioned several handmade artists/stores in previous blogs, but I really don't recall mentioning the talented dreamcatcher maker married to one of my (19) cousins.
Adri has been making dreamcatchers for a year or two now. And like me, she's developed her own style and product range. Growing as a handmade artist and perfecting her art.
And in this... I'm hoping to add some of her wonderful pieces to the Wonder Struck Inc lineup.
Where there are limits to Adri making her stall available to buyers/collectors, we're hoping to make her gorgeous pieces available through our stalls and online stores.
We'll keep you updated. ;)

To visitors of our Etsy, we're sneaking in this discount code just for you: HAVE10OFF
Use this code at checkout in your cart, it's valid for the rest of 2013 and is not limited to number of purchases.

To our South African/non Etsy buyers. If you see anything you'd like to buy, (marked here on our blog or in any of our stores) contact us to buy and we'll hook you up with payment details.
We'll also be adding a freebie in with your purchases over R200/USD30 (this total is excluding shipping).

And with that! Back to the rest of the days duties.

Have a great one!

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