Sunday, February 17, 2013

Oh yes we did! ....

So... if you've spied our Facebook page, and our Etsy page, you've by now spotted our new range of resin work.
Yes! We're mixing, casting and designing all the resin work we do now.

Though our resin work won't be *replacing* any of our previous work, it will be alot more easily available...and we'll beable to duplicate it! (but not EXACTLY as with most handmade work).

We hope you'll peruse the store for our very reasonably priced resin work.

Then, if you haven't seen, we're going to be going through with the 20% off discount code on our Etsy right up until the end of February, so you'll beable to get the resin pieces for even less! as well as everything else in our store, even the supply goods.

She_Grim is still busy at work with our new business cards and digital banner, so we can't give you much of a visual update on that just yet, but from what I've seen, it's all going to be too awesome!

We will be at our usual market hangout for the last Saturday of February, 6 days from now, 23 February from 9am until 3pm. 
If you're in Gauteng, join us in the tranquil little village of Henley-on-klip at Wyetti Craft Market.
We know you'll LOVE it as much as we do, and if your dog/s is on a leash, bring them with for a village outing!

With that... have a fantastic remainder of this weekend!
See you out and about ;)



Bottle cap kitschy resin ring, Miller

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