Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lamplight... passion fruit & peach tea...

It's been a while since I've updated, inbetween unpacking boxes, squishing in some free stall space at The Shed and making new things....
But here's a new post!

The workspace... is starting to become to comfortable to work in as I unpack all of the tools and components, making space to hang the finished pieces, making photo space etc.
It's just so great not having to try and fit everything into 2 storage ottomans in a tiny bedroom (unsuccessfully).

The markets... so far we've only been offered two weeks at The Shed and then we'll be back at Wyetti Market on 26 January for the first time in 2013. We're dressing our stall up with lots of red organze ribbon to celebrate the oncoming festivities of Valentines Day ;) ...yea.

The stock... if you've been scouting our Etsy store, you'll notice some new pieces are up.
Please remember that all our pieces are One of A Kind and it's not really possible to replicate any piece EXACTLY..and sometimes not at all.
I have some very exciting new components that *have* come in, that *are* coming in and that have already been used and sold. I've finally found black chain in the same size as my "standard" silver chain that I'm so fond of using (I love this chain because it doesn't really twist on a finished piece and while being worn), but if people ask, I might just have some other chains up for selection for you ;)
But lots more cameos have come in, and you'll see them on our facebook and on our Etsy and Storenvy as we load the newer pieces.

The playlist... we've still been blasting alot of The Pretty Reckless, Biffy Clyro and Norma Jean, but this week has especially been a Queens of the Stone Age week in the car. Missed listening to that band so much, and never realised it till they filled my ears!

Other creatives that we've spotted...
Wonder Struck Inc has been added to a new circle recently on Etsy, by nikithings, I am especially eyeing out a cute little zipper pouch in the store:

;) go peruse Etsy a bit and find some other interesting little stores that would feel great to have some views.

And onward to another week in 2013.
We'll be at The Shed at Green's Greens again this Saturday, we'll try remember to take some pictures for the blog >.<

Blessed be,

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