Monday, July 2, 2012

New month...more madness...

Its the Monday after our Wyetti market and a night market is heading our way in 4 days.

Sales were dreadful for us on Saturday, but it was still good fun.
Jane, who brings antique and vintage wares....was having a salt&pepper set day. It was sad that no one took any home!
It was also Astra's birthday. Astra sells himalayan pink salt and is...pretty much the market mom.
Heatherlynn (Astra's daughter) and my immediate stall neighbour at just about every market we attend... had the most fantastic range of new stock.
I ended up buying 2 belated birthday gifts from her.

As work continues on the little house I'll be moving to and which will be Wonder Struck HQ, in the meantime I'm a bit frazzled and confused.

As soon as I figure where I am with everything I'll update about all the collabs going on.


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